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Mar 23rd
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1. DDC Staff
(About Us/Deliberative Democracy Consortium)
... the field of deliberation and public participation. The DDC represents more than 50 foundations, nonprofit organizations, and universities, collaborating to support research activities and advance democratic ...
2. Deliberative Publicity
(The Democracy Movement Blog/General)
... and community members who do not participate in our forums? This is the challenge of publicity. It is a challenge the field needs to confront squarely. Most civic forums are recent arrivals on the political ...
3. Citizen engagement is a social good
(Workshops/Frontiers of Democracy: Online Democracy)
... is political. (Do you believe this is an important issue for the field to discuss?)  ...
4. More collaborative laboratories
(Workshops/Frontiers of Democracy: Online Democracy)
... together to experiment and innovate online civic engagement tools. These new collaboratives will result in knowledge building and sharing ideas across fields.  ...
5. Criteria added today
... project? - Does it "push the field along?" - Does it apply to multiple levels of government/governance? - Does it have "general public appeal?" - Does it address a gap in current research or practice? ...
6. What are the latest developments?
... field, or new publications or research reports, or media coverage - or something else entirely. You tell us!)  ...
7. Workshop Timetable - DAY 1
(Workshops/Sydney 2011 Timetable)
... Questions What are we seeking to achieve with Deliberative Democracy (research or practice)? What are the exciting developments? Outcomes Share stories from the field of Deliberative Democracy ...
8. Funding Local Democracy
(Resources/Member Contributions)
... Executive Director of PACE, "This guide is an attempt to demystify the emerging field of deliberative democracy and help funders make more informed decisions about their support of this growing field.” ...
9. A Democracy Agenda for Obama
(Headlines/U.S. News)
How should the Obama Administration capitalize on the latest trends in democratic governance? A diverse group of practitioners, advocates, and academics, representing the fields of electoral reform, deliberative ...
10. Deliberative Democracy Fact Sheet
(About Us/Deliberative Democracy Consortium)
... and researchers representing more than 30 organizations and universities, collaborating to strengthen the field of deliberative democracy. The Consortium seeks to support research activities and to advance ...
11. The Deliberative Democracy Consortium
(About Us/Deliberative Democracy Consortium)
The Deliberative Democracy Consortium (DDC) is an alliance of leading organizations and scholars working in the field of public engagement, participation, and deliberation. The purpose of the DDC is to ...
12. Where is Democracy Headed?
(Resources/Member Contributions)
Peter Levine and Lars Hasselblad Torres describe the key lessons and insights to emerge from five years of collaborative research by leading academics and practitioners in the field of deliberative and ...
13. The Deliberative Democracy Handbook
(Resources/Member Contributions)
... for Philosophy and Public Policy in the University of Maryland?s School of Public Policy. The book enjoys contributions from more than 40 scholars and practitioners in the field. Learn more about "The ...
14. The Change Handbook
(Resources/Member Contributions)
In 1999, the first edition of The Change Handbook provided a snapshot of a nascent field that broke barriers by engaging "whole systems" of people from organizations and communities in creating their own ...
15. Taking Democracy to Scale: Trip Report
(Resources/Member Contributions)
... shaped.  There were four questions that drove the conference: What is the current state of knowledge and research in the field of deliberative democracy at the national level? What are ...
16. Deliberative Democracy FAQ
(About Us/Deliberative Democracy General)
... some not -- to help citizens and governments work together more democratically and more effectively. Who is involved in this work? A burgeoning field of practitioners ...
17. DDC Resources
(Resources/Member Contributions)
... capital. Includes article abstracts. Find articles using Google search by author and title. If you have resources that would be valued by the field, and are willing to ...
18. We Have A Different Dream Today
(The Democracy Movement Blog/Knowledge Building)
... toward a society where racism is easily identified and quickly purged, where there is a level playing field for everyone, where we barely notice the racial and cultural differences between us. The last ...
19. General
The Democracy Movement blog items related to the general field of deliberative democracy. ...
20. Personal Technology
The Democracy Movement blog items related to the application of personal computing technology to - or within - the field of deliberative democracy. ...
The Online Deliberative Democracy Consortium (ODDC), the Consortium’s Workgroup supporting online innovation in the field, has created, a group blog, its eBulletin and a knowledge-building ...