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Mar 23rd
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1. What Does Public Innovation Mean?
(The Democracy Movement Blog/General)
... with a more diverse economic base, a revitalized downtown and stronger public schools, among other goals. Even when talk turns to innovation regarding community goals, the tendency among community leaders, ...
2. G1000: Deliberative democracy in Belgium
(The Democracy Movement Blog/General)
... leaders of contemporary democracies like Belgium should be brave enough to reach out to the views and expertise of ordinary citizens. For more information:  ...
3. Next Steps for Rebuilding Democracy
(The Democracy Movement Blog/General)
... the past two years to bring home the harsh reality that we cannot rely on our national political leaders to lead or even move us towards the new politics we need.  The current political culture of our ...
4. Democracy Helpline
(Initiatives/Projects - General)
The growth of democratic governance has been a grassroots phenomenon, but most of these efforts to mobilize citizens have been initiated by traditional kinds of leaders. The promise of the Democracy Helpline, ...
5. Deliberative Democracy Fact Sheet
(About Us/Deliberative Democracy Consortium)
... leaders find the examples and resources they need to engage citizens. Integrate research and practice in the field. Integrate online and face-to-face approaches Articulate how democracy is changing. ...
6. The Next Form of Democracy
(Resources/Member Contributions)
... a dramatic shift. More than ever before, citizens are educated, skeptical, and capable of bringing the decision-making process to a sudden halt. Public officials and other leaders are tired of confrontation ...
... to a year-long process through which citizens gather periodically, debate their priorities, and hold their elected leaders accountable for following up on these. This process emerged after the 1992 election ...
8. Boston Civic Summit
(The Democracy Movement Blog/AmericaSpeaks)
This past Saturday I had the chance to facilitate a really interesting meeting in Boston. The event, called the Boston Civic Summit, brought together a diverse group of about 400 activists, civic leaders ...
9. Projects
(Initiatives/Projects - General)
... is embarking on a new set of activities, each of which is aligned with one of four key priorities:   Helping all kinds of public leaders find the examples and resources they need to make informed ...
10. Deliberative Democracy FAQ
(About Us/Deliberative Democracy General)
... of leaders are realizing that the traditionally distant relationship between citizens and government is inadequate for solving public problems. They are recognizing that the usual formats ...
11. DDC Resources
(Resources/Member Contributions)
... to change perceptions of government and build support for its essential tasks, engaging national and state leaders and beginning a new public conversation (December ...
12. We Have A Different Dream Today
(The Democracy Movement Blog/Knowledge Building)
... engagement work began in the early 1990s, when the Rodney King and O. J. Simpson cases created a mandate for public dialogue on race. Elected officials and other local leaders realized that, while they ...
... and other leaders share the work of sustaining deliberative democracy? NOTE: There are two sets of items here. First there are issues that relate theory to practice. Then, there are theoretical questions ...
14. Initiatives
... on a new set of activities, each of which is aligned with one of four key priorities: Helping all kinds of public leaders find the examples and resources they need to make informed decisions ...