The Deliberative Democracy Consortium

Mar 30th
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Knowledge Building

The Knowledge Building (KB) Task Group has organized three Researcher and Practitioner (R&P) Workshops, in 2003, 2005, and 2007.

This Task Group of the Deliberative Democracy Consortium is led by Archon Fung (Harvard University) and Peter Levine (CIRCLE). The mission of this group is:

To increase the quantity, quality and availability of knowledge about the theory and practice of deliberative democracy through: (1) setting the scholarly research agenda, (2) conducting high-quality research and experimentation on deliberative democratic practices, and (3) collecting and distributing knowledge about theory and practice to researchers and practitioners.

Major goals identified include:

Increase academic research and experimentation on deliberative democratic practices and shape the agenda for that research and experimentation. Expand discussion of such experiments in scholarly work on deliberation and democracy. Improve knowledge and understanding of how deliberative democratic institutions function, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of various models. Increase information about the outcomes of deliberative processes and highlight their value to various constituencies. Develop better assessment tools. Increase interaction and communication amongst researchers and practitioners and develop an ongoing network among them.