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Mar 27th
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Tools to match engagement need

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Develop and test technological tools that match the specific engagement need.

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My richest online experience so far combined old and new technologies: list-serves, conference calls, Skype, face book, wiki, and two face to face meetings.
It's a lot of work and probably works best with co-facilitators who know the advantages and limits of each segment.
Dennis Boyer , 02 Aug 2011 03:34 AM
Key is how tools are being applied
The challenge here is that many tools support many different use cases. They may be a good match for some engagement needs but not for others. To make things even more complicated, successful engagement depends on a human component (to varying degrees). A well-planned, well-designed and well-run process that relies on a crappy tool may be hugely more successful than a poorly-run process using a tool that should, in theory, be a great match for the engagement need at hand.
Tim Bonnemann , 24 Jul 2011 05:52 AM

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