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Mar 27th
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Home Workshops Frontiers of Democracy Frontiers of Democracy: Theory and Practice How can we reclaim thinking colonized by the market?

How can we reclaim thinking colonized by the market?

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The realm of ideas has been colonized by market thinking—how can we reclaim it?

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City manager
Build skills in reflection and critical analysis to discern and point out the examples of colonization we encounter everyday. Incorporate a new language into public conversation to better name and explain and to ask different questions. Why is distortion of the public sphere harmful? Where and how is it occurring? What are common indicators of distortion? Some practical applications of Habermas lite combined with the work of the Demos Center for the Public Center and the Topos Partnership to reframe then underlying organizing ideas for public talk would seem promising, especially those that focus on the concept of public structures (the public physical, organizational, and social systems) as critical to the ability of families and businesses to thrive
Mike Huggins , 28 Jul 2011 07:40 AM
Read Benjamin Barber's "Consumed"
See especially his thoughts on "civic schizophrenia"-- we behave as consumers but must learn to act as citizens.
Harold McDougall , 25 Jul 2011 06:12 AM

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