The Deliberative Democracy Consortium

Mar 30th
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Home Workshops Sydney 2011 Research Proposals Comparative analysis of hybrid (online + F2F) deliberation

Comparative analysis of hybrid (online + F2F) deliberation

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While many focus on the potential of online deliberation on its own, there may be advantages to combining both online and face-to-face phases sequentially in a single process.

There have been several projects that have already completed with both online and F2F phases.

This project will compare these projects to identify features and attributest that contributed to their success (and otherwise), and point in particular to the strengths of online deliberation when applied in this manner.

Practice partners include designers of existing online platforms (eg. Brian Sullivan, Civic Evolution)

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Online "Learning" ?
I am sure that the study designers have considered that democracy requires learning in advance of voting, and that online learning is a hot subject. More than "satisfaction" alone, learning outcomes are targeted at some evidence that enhanced knowledge of specific content has been captured. I would love to know the study leaders approach to this. If it is helpful, some of the challenges are presented in the following study.
Tom , 04 Feb 2011 11:19 PM
An additional hybrid system for your analysis
John Spady , 04 Feb 2011 05:13 PM

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