The Deliberative Democracy Consortium

Mar 30th
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Home Workshops Sydney 2011 Workshop Timetable Workshop Timetable - DAY 1

Workshop Timetable - DAY 1

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Thursday 3rd February 2011 [see tomorrow]

Session One - 9:00 am to 10:30 am

Session Time Item Facilitator(s)
Welcome 9:00 am Welcome
Workshop purpose and structure
Who is in the room? [keypads]
Anna Yeatman (4 min)
Luca Belgiorno-Nettis (4 min)
Lyn Carson (10 min)
Dallas Rogers (2 mins)
Dallas Rogers (10 mins)
Activity 1+2 9:30 am Driving Question
Who is attending the workshop?
Set the scene and introduce participants
Annie Bolitho and Kath Fisher
    Driving Question
How does my work relate to Deliberative Democracy?
  • Build an understanding of the different roles participants in the room occupy
  • Highlight the diversity of DD research and practice represented in the room
Rebecca Lazenby - Graphic illustrator
Gina Baker - Podcast
End 10:30 am Morning tea  

Session Two - 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Session Time Item Facilitator(s)
Activity 3 11:00 am Driving Questions
  • What are we seeking to achieve with Deliberative Democracy (research or practice)?
  • What are the exciting developments?
  • Share stories from the field of Deliberative Democracy
  • Learn from other participants’ success stories, research or dilemmas
Kathy Jones (90 min)
Rebecca Lazenby - Graphic illustrator
Gina Baker – Podcast (will remain with us throughout conference)
End 12:30 pm Lunch  

Session Three - 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm

Session Time Item Facilitator(s)
Activity 4 1:30 pm Driving Questions
  • What are we still curious about?
  • What do we want to know more about?
  • What do we already know about these curiosities?
  • Outline and record the existing knowledge base, both research findings and anecdotal observations, for Deliberative Democracy
  • Share our collective knowledge and experience
  • Note the unanswered questions
Jan Elliott and Erin Kreeger (90 min)
End 3:00 pm Afternoon tea  

Session Four - 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm

Session Time Item Facilitator(s)
Activity 5 3:30 pm Driving Questions
  • When Deliberative Democracy delivers worthwhile outcomes, what are the key elements that contribute to its effectiveness?
  • If those key elements were commonplace, what could Deliberative Democracy routinely deliver?
  • Identify commonality across participants’ research and practice
  • Discuss ways of moving the field of Deliberative Democracy forward to address common concerns
Max Hardy (90 min)
End 5:00 pm Close  

Sydney Ideas Event - 6:00 pm

Time Item
6:00 pm Don’t forget, Sydney Ideas Forum - Why deliberative democracy matters
Venue: Seymour Centre

[see tomorrow]

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