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Mar 27th
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1. Tunisia, the First Arab Country to Implement PB
(The Democracy Movement Blog/General)
... of Cotacachi in Ecuador. This film was very inspiring. It showed common citizens -most of them members of indigenous communities- talking about their experience in the PB process. They explained how they ...
2. DDC Staff
(About Us/Deliberative Democracy Consortium)
... practice, in North America and around the world. Over the last twenty years, Matt has worked with public participation efforts in over 100 communities, in 40 states and four Canadian provinces. Matt serves ...
3. What Does Public Innovation Mean?
(The Democracy Movement Blog/General)
... a better pathway forward. It is about how communities generate and re-generate themselves. For example, The Harwood Institute is working with partners in Battle Creek, Mich. – including the local United ...
4. Online and face-to-face in concert
(Workshops/Frontiers of Democracy: Online Democracy)
Online and face-to-face strategies and tools should be used in concert to engage people where they are in order to optimize the benefits of both for communities that work for everyone.  ...
...  understand how D&D can impact on the way communities respond to climate change provide recommendations and an action plan/s for future interventions. Notes: Disasters can provide an opportunity ...
6. Workshop Timetable - DAY 3
(Workshops/Sydney 2011 Timetable)
...  Time Item Facilitator(s) Activity 3 1:30 pm Activity Confirming the new research agenda and discussing the future Outcomes Outcome Outline next steps Communities of ...
7. Next Steps for Rebuilding Democracy
(The Democracy Movement Blog/General)
... of the need for a new politics that can build a consensus and make decisions, but we can also use the economic crisis to make the need to rebuild our democratic communities perfectly clear.  Governments ...
8. Funding Local Democracy
(Resources/Member Contributions)
... civic engagement has grown and developed over the past decade. The strategies described in the guide—and the stories of how communities have used them to break policy deadlock, reduce tension and galvanize ...
9. Community Engagement and Economic Growth
(The Democracy Movement Blog/General)
... conducted by Gallup for the Knight Foundation. The researchers surveyed people in the 26 communities served by the Knight Foundation, which range from big cities like Detroit and Miami to smaller places ...
10. Conference on Online Deliberation
(Headlines/U.S. News)
... and civic action. Technology enhanced community action ranges from informal communities of practice to democratic governance of formal organizations to large social movements. Learn more...  ...
11. The Next Form of Democracy
(Resources/Member Contributions)
... and desperate for resources. In order to address persistent challenges like education, race relations, crime prevention, land use planning, and economic development, communities have been forced to find ...
12. The Change Handbook
(Resources/Member Contributions)
In 1999, the first edition of The Change Handbook provided a snapshot of a nascent field that broke barriers by engaging "whole systems" of people from organizations and communities in creating their own ...
by Christopher Kelley, Program Associate, the Kettering Foundation The Kettering Foundation long ago identified a disconnect between the 'public' and 'politics.' People in communities all ...
... of seventy communities, citizens gather each year in a public assembly to discuss their priorities for municipal investments in their community. These citizen gatherings in turn elect delegates from each ...
15. Boston Civic Summit
(The Democracy Movement Blog/AmericaSpeaks)
... the event was the simple fact that it was convened at all. Often people bemoan the state of civic engagement in our communities, but few actually mobilize around the issue as a critical problem. For city ...
16. DDC Resources
(Resources/Member Contributions)
Resources for Elected Officials Principles of Regional Stewardship A framework that brings together conversations about livable communities, collaborative ...
17. We Have A Different Dream Today
(The Democracy Movement Blog/Knowledge Building)
... of their constituents. This kind of public outreach had rarely been done before; most communities lacked venues for people of diverse backgrounds to talk to each other about race. By involving people ...
18. Resources
... long ago identified a disconnect between the public and politics. People in communities all over the country felt estranged from their elected representatives, from ...