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Mar 27th
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1. DDC Staff
(About Us/Deliberative Democracy Consortium)
... look at participation theory, history, and practice, and explains how we can transition from temporary engagement projects to stronger democratic infrastructure.  ...
2. What Does Public Innovation Mean?
(The Democracy Movement Blog/General)
... that stories and narratives play a critical role in signaling to people that change is even possible – and that their own engagement is pivotal to that change ever occurring. How to discover and construct ...
3. Making Public Participation Legal -- Brookings recap
(The Democracy Movement Blog/General)
... public engagement.  Although the laws call for some substantial structural support for public engagement, the presenters emphasized that the laws are mainly designed to do the latter, create a space ...
4. G1000: Deliberative democracy in Belgium
(The Democracy Movement Blog/General)
... participation is key. Citizens’ engagement may increase public trust and, in turn, reduce the electoral stress that might lead to more political deadlocks. Deliberative democracy will not make the traditional ...
5. Citizen engagement is a social good
(Workshops/Frontiers of Democracy: Online Democracy)
We believe citizen engagement is a social good. Some people believe civic engagement is political by definition Some people believe the context determines whether or not a given civic engagement activity ...
6. Online learning of engagement skills
(Workshops/Frontiers of Democracy: Online Democracy)
We need to explore how online technology can be used to teach the skills essential to citizen engagement, including abilities to: speak my truth listen open-minded and open-hearted assimilate fact-based ...
7. Technology to sustain engagement
(Workshops/Frontiers of Democracy: Online Democracy)
We need to explore how online technology options can support sustained citizen engagement.  ...
8. Tools to match engagement need
(Workshops/Frontiers of Democracy: Online Democracy)
Develop and test technological tools that match the specific engagement need.  ...
9. Frontiers of Democracy
(Workshops/Frontiers of Democracy)
... The Democracy Imperative, Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement (PACE), and Tisch College The Sackler Building, Tufts University School of Medicine, 145 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02111-1800 Link ...
10. More collaborative laboratories
(Workshops/Frontiers of Democracy: Online Democracy)
... together to experiment and innovate online civic engagement tools. These new collaboratives will result in knowledge building and sharing ideas across fields.  ...
11. Deliberation at its best - learning from different cultural contexts
(Workshops/Sydney 2011 Research Proposals)
... different parts of the world. The focus would be on deliberation i.e. forms of engagement that allow for effective exploration of the dimensions of an issue or proposal, draw on best available knowledge, ...
12. Combining stakeholder and citizen processes for impact
(Workshops/Sydney 2011 Research Proposals)
Governments convening programs of ‘citizen engagement’ often have separate streams for “citizens” and “organized stakeholders”. Many deliberative democrats focus exercises on individual citizens, sometimes ...
13. Next Steps for Rebuilding Democracy
(The Democracy Movement Blog/General)
... citizen engagement.  This is the kind of work that we need to expand to build the basis in experience for the broader national effort to transform our politics. What would that mean for our loose federation ...
14. Funding Local Democracy
(Resources/Member Contributions)
The DDC has worked with PACE (Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement) to develop "Funding and Fostering Local Democracy," a guide designed to help the philanthropic community grapple with the question ...
15. Community Engagement and Economic Growth
(The Democracy Movement Blog/General)
... such as Milledgeville, GA, and State College, PA. In almost every case, there was a statistically viable relationship between "community-citizen engagement" and economic growth. You can find out more  ...
16. A Democracy Agenda for Obama
(Headlines/U.S. News)
... democracy, and community development, have produced a set of recommendations for federal policy in civic engagement. The Strengthening Our Nation's Democracy report includes proposals for executive orders, ...
17. Democracy Helpline
(Initiatives/Projects - General)
... engagement efforts of the Centers for Disease Control on pandemic influenza, and the work of the National Nanotechnology Initiative. NeighborWorks America has contributed a small start-up grant to the ...
18. The Deliberative Democracy Consortium
(About Us/Deliberative Democracy Consortium)
The Deliberative Democracy Consortium (DDC) is an alliance of leading organizations and scholars working in the field of public engagement, participation, and deliberation. The purpose of the DDC is to ...
19. Where is Democracy Headed?
(Resources/Member Contributions)
... report can be downloaded here. The report was discussed in a webinar hosted by Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement (PACE) and Grassroots Grantmakers; the slides used in the webinar can be found h ...
20. Who Should Be the Civic Advisors to the Next President?
(The Democracy Movement Blog/Links to Government)
... on issues of public engagement and democratic governance. The November 5th Coalition is an all-partisan alliance committed to civic partnerships that address our biggest challenges. The Coalition is named ...
21. The Deliberative Democracy Handbook
(Resources/Member Contributions)
... and affect decisions. The Deliberative Democracy Handbook helps readers figure out which method of engagement is right for them and guides them through using the appropriate method. A top flight collection ...
22. The Next Form of Democracy
(Resources/Member Contributions)
... early example of the sort of civic engagement Matt Leighninger describes throughout The Next Form of Democracy. . . . “The phenomenon - which is taking shape across the country in many different ways ...
...  Finally, it is possible that these processes empower sectors of society that previously had a limited voice in politics. Studies of Porto Alegre, Solol?, and Cuqu'o suggest considerable citizen engagement, ...
24. Boston Civic Summit
(The Democracy Movement Blog/AmericaSpeaks)
... and average citizens in order to address the concern of declining civic engagement. It was convened by a diverse group of civic leaders and led by the President of the City Council and Executive Director ...
25. Projects
(Initiatives/Projects - General)
... democratic governance in their institutions. Online systems for tracking and supporting public engagement. A white paper on the "Legal Framework for Deliberative Democracy."  ...
26. Deliberative Democracy FAQ
(About Us/Deliberative Democracy General)
... and researchers has formed to encourage, examine, and support this shift. They include public engagement consultants, dialogue specialists, conflict resolution practitioners, and academics ...
27. DDC Resources
(Resources/Member Contributions)
... are pioneering new deliberative strategies. Success Factors for Public Engagement Planning public engagement that works well for all concerned  ...
28. We Have A Different Dream Today
(The Democracy Movement Blog/Knowledge Building)
... engagement work began in the early 1990s, when the Rodney King and O. J. Simpson cases created a mandate for public dialogue on race. Elected officials and other local leaders realized that, while they ...
29. FedNet
... working to bring together civic engagement resources for elected officials and government agency practitioners. The Link to Government group has four objectives: ...
30. Initiatives
... and supporting public engagement. A white paper on the "Legal Framework for Deliberative Democracy." A series of 'how-to' resources for local, state, and national governments.  ...
31. Peter Levine On Civic Engagement
(News Feeds / Deliberation and Democracy News)