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Mar 27th
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1. Tunisia, the First Arab Country to Implement PB
(The Democracy Movement Blog/General)
... Associative went to initiate PB processes in three other cities. One of them, Sfax, is the second largest city in Tunisia. That is going to be a big project and they will need to put lots of time and energy ...
2. Deliberative Publicity
(The Democracy Movement Blog/General)
... and community members who do not participate in our forums? This is the challenge of publicity. It is a challenge the field needs to confront squarely. Most civic forums are recent arrivals on the political ...
3. What Does Public Innovation Mean?
(The Democracy Movement Blog/General)
... here is that we innovate in a vacuum, based on our own wishes, our own beliefs on what we need, our own personal desire to increase our notoriety. Innovation in a community is about how that community ...
4. Making Public Participation Legal -- Brookings recap
(The Democracy Movement Blog/General)
... or a specific model but enables and supports what needs to emerge for public participation by focusing on the principles of public participation.” Key here is that the laws focus on principles of public ...
5. Online learning of engagement skills
(Workshops/Frontiers of Democracy: Online Democracy)
We need to explore how online technology can be used to teach the skills essential to citizen engagement, including abilities to: speak my truth listen open-minded and open-hearted assimilate fact-based ...
6. Technology to sustain engagement
(Workshops/Frontiers of Democracy: Online Democracy)
We need to explore how online technology options can support sustained citizen engagement.  ...
7. Tools to match engagement need
(Workshops/Frontiers of Democracy: Online Democracy)
Develop and test technological tools that match the specific engagement need.  ...
8. Environments centered on ordinary people
(Workshops/Frontiers of Democracy: Online Democracy)
All kinds of people need environments (both physical and virtual) that are centered on the needs and goals of ordinary people, and that are welcoming to them match their languages and cultures  ...
9. Internet skills and tools
(Workshops/Frontiers of Democracy: Online Democracy)
Ensuring that people have access to the Internet is not enough. In addition: People need the skills and knowledge necessary to use the tools The tools must match the hardware people are using  ...
10. More collaborative laboratories
(Workshops/Frontiers of Democracy: Online Democracy)
We need more collaborative laboratories in which people from different sectors (technology/IF, civic organizations, community organizers, public officials, citizens, community members, academics…) work ...
11. Next Steps for Rebuilding Democracy
(The Democracy Movement Blog/General)
... as it could be.  There is no doubt that these are extremely difficult times and finding a way to address pressing immediate needs and work on deeper long term change could not be more challenging.  So ...
12. Democracy Helpline
(Initiatives/Projects - General)
... the site would then offer a set of publications, organizations, and program examples that matched their needs and interests. The Democracy Helpline will also have a more traditional side: a telephone number ...
13. Deliberative Democracy Fact Sheet
(About Us/Deliberative Democracy Consortium)
... leaders find the examples and resources they need to engage citizens. Integrate research and practice in the field. Integrate online and face-to-face approaches Articulate how democracy is changing. ...
14. Public Involvement Usually Leads to Better Environmental Decision-making
(The Democracy Movement Blog/Knowledge Building)
... that might arise during the participatory process, select ways to address them, monitor the results, and adjust procedures as needed.  ...
15. The Next Form of Democracy
(Resources/Member Contributions)
... and honesty, and I believe these discussions may have helped avert a wave of violence like the one that accompanied the 1992 Rodney King verdicts. Just as important, the dialogues gave participants a much-needed ...
... was classified as a "meta-issue" book. A meta-issue book asked a broad question such as, "what is the problem that needs to be addressed" in each of the competing approaches. Our forums using these books ...
... participatory and deliberative forms of governance often have very little to do with a conviction that this sort of approach is the right thing to do, and much more to do with the need to shore up the ...
18. Projects
(Initiatives/Projects - General)
... is embarking on a new set of activities, each of which is aligned with one of four key priorities:   Helping all kinds of public leaders find the examples and resources they need to make informed ...
19. Initiatives
... on a new set of activities, each of which is aligned with one of four key priorities: Helping all kinds of public leaders find the examples and resources they need to make informed decisions ...