Actually, More Participation Can Save American Democracy

By Jessie Conover, Healthy Democracy Lee Drutman of the New America Foundation, writing on’s Polyarchy blog, makes a bold statement: more public participation isn’t the answer to our political woes because the reasonable, civically-minded voter is a myth. This is the latest in a trend of articles analyzing American politics and the role of […]

June DDC Bulletin

HELLO FRIENDS OF DELIBERATIVE DEMOCRACY — Welcome back to the DDC Bulletin! Below you’ll find announcements, news of note, interesting reading, and deliberative democracy ephemera. BACK IN THE 21ST CENTURY DDC’s new website is up and running!  If you have articles, links, blog posts, book reviews, or news for the good of the order, send […]

To Speak the Truth: Reflections on the first Democracy Salon

“It takes two to speak the truth – one to speak and another to hear.” ~Henry David Thoreau It was the kind of dinner party I dream of. There were candles. And flowers. There was wine. And falafel and tabbouleh and kabobs from the legendary Nicholas Restaurant.  And most importantly: nine super-smart people—each of them […]

Welcome Back!

After a little housekeeping hiatus, DDC is back in the 21st Century with all of you. Over the next few weeks, we will have blog posts and features, and the beloved Bulletin will make a return, as well.

Deliberative Publicity

How do practitioners communicate effectively and ethically to decision makers, stakeholders, journalists, and community members who do not participate in our forums? This is the challenge of publicity.