January 2019 Bulletin

Hello Friends of Deliberative Democracy– Happy New Year to you and yours! 2019 seems to have sneaked up fast, and here we are nearly into February. There are so many interesting new developments that I couldn’t possibly include them all. So below, please find a smattering. Plus some DDC news—a new membership structure, an upcoming […]

October 2018 Bulletin

DEAR FRIENDS OF DELIBERATIVE DEMOCRACY — Well don’t I owe you all an apology for staying away so long? But I’m glad to be back with lots of interesting fall reading to tide you over until next time. But then, as this email sat in my outbox, we in the United States suffered a week […]

Journal of Public Deliberation Seeks New Editors!

After five phenomenal years of leadership and editorship by Laura Black, Timothy Shaffer and Nancy Thomas, the Journal of Public Deliberation is seeking a new editor or editorial team.  The announcement and application instructions are below. ________ Position: Editor or Editorial Team for the Journal of Public Deliberation Type: Volunteer Commencement Date: January 1, 2019 […]

The Sin of Haughty Eyes: A Civic Saturday Sermon

by Wendy Willis _____ As part of a program of Citizen University, DDC Director Wendy Willis partnered with several other organizations–Portland Underground Graduate School, Healthy Democracy, Oregon Humanities, Kitchen Table Democracy, and The Attic Institute–to put on a Civic Saturday in Portland, Oregon. Below is the text of Wendy’s Civic Saturday Sermon. _____ I began […]

A Great Longing is Upon Us

by Wendy Willis Executive Director, Deliberative Democracy Consortium Writer in Residence, Healthy Democracy It won’t surprise you when I say: The state of our union is a little rickety. Hate crimes have increased for the fourth straight year. Political disagreements have strained family relationships to the breaking point. A majority of urban Americans and a majority of […]

Reflections in Response to Frank Dukes- Rosa Zubizarreta

by Rosa Zubizarreta founder of Diapraxis Wow. What a painful situation all around, of good intentions going horribly wrong…. And so much potential learning here, for all of us who care about dialogue and deliberation. Yes, by its very nature, our privilege creates huge ignorance, as it means we don’t know from our own experience, what […]

March Bulletin

Hello Friends of Deliberative Democracy— Happy Spring to all (though I know many of us are still tending to our relationship with an extended winter). Some New Reports Out There Check out this important new report from our friends at Philanthropy Northwest, “The Promise and Challenge of Community Democracy.” It is chock-full of interesting findings […]

February Bulletin

Hello Friends and Champions of Deliberative Democracy— Happy February to you all. My favorite Valentine showed up yesterday in The New York Times, which quoted Obaid Malik as saying: “People are still going to go out and do their thing and have fun—maybe just in different ways. You can’t ban love,” after Pakistan prohibited Valentine’s Day […]

January Bulletin – Happy New Year!

Hello Friends and Fellows of Deliberative Democracy– Happy New Year! Despite a good deal of evidence to the contrary, I have high hopes for democracy in 2018. I see your posts on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram—as well as your year-end newsletters—and I feel tremendously buoyed by knowing you are all out there thinking and […]