The mission of the National Civic League is to advance civic engagement to create inclusive, thriving communities. They achieve this by inspiring, supporting and recognizing equitable approaches to community decision-making.

Founded by Theodore Roosevelt, Frederick Law Olmsted, Louis Brandeis and other leading municipal reformers in the late nineteenth century, the league has been instrumental in efforts to make local governments more open, accountable and effective.

Today, more than ever, the National Civic League is critical to vibrant communities and a strong democracy. NCL provides unique opportunities for people to transform themselves and their communities through the All-America City Awards, the Model City Charter, the Civic Index, National Civic Review, and research into leadership and community engagement in leading local government fiscal sustainability. NCL depends on groups and individuals across the country that believe in promoting community engagement and problem solving approaches to support this important work.

A 120-year old nonpartisan, nonprofit organization based in Denver, Colorado, NCL’s mission is accomplished by fostering and sharing promising practices of local government and public engagement and celebrating the progress that can be achieved when people work together. Their core values are:

  • Public participation and civic action
  • Diversity and inclusiveness
  • Greater democracy and higher performing governments
  • Hope and the nurturing of successful communities

NCL works by forming strategic partnerships with local government organizations, nonprofit organizations, and others and by fully engaging those in the NCL family, particularly its members and the more than 500 AAC communities.

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